Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program

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The Virginia Department of Education (VDOE) values the efforts of early childhood professionals to increase their knowledge and skills in early care and education. To support increased education, the Virginia Child Care Provider Scholarship Program (VCCPSP) awards college scholarships for undergraduate courses at Virginia Community Colleges that focus on the care and education of young children.

Eligibility: VCCPSP is available for child care educators working toward a certificate or associate degree (or the equivalent) in early childhood development.

To be considered eligible for a VCCPSP scholarship, individuals will be:

  • an employee of a child care program located in Virginia, or
  • a Virginia resident (as defined by the Code of Virginia) who is employed in a non-Virginia child care program, or
  • a Virginia resident who intends to become employed in a Virginia child care program.

Priority for Scholarships: Based on eligibility and the availability of funding, priority for VCCPSP will be given to applicants employed in the field of early care and education. For those not employed in child care, applications will be processed if funding is available.

Scholarship Funding Levels: The VCCPSP will pay tuition costs for up to two (2) courses per semester when eligibility criteria are met as long as a student has not exceeded the lifetime maximum award amount. Scholarships are awarded based on the college’s tuition rate and the applicant’s scholarship balance.

The maximum lifetime award amount for VCCPSP scholarships is either eight (8) undergraduate courses – or – the maximum lifetime amount, whichever occurs first. The maximum lifetime amount is $4,035 effective March 1, 2024, for new scholarship accounts.

  • When a scholarship account is created, the maximum lifetime amount will not change even if the maximum amount is increased for new applicants.
  • For approved undergraduate courses at a four-year college or university, the scholarship will pay up to $500 per course (effective with applications received after March 1, 2024) depending on the student’s scholarship balance.

Course Options: Scholarships are available for students enrolled in approved undergraduate courses at a participating community college (or a four-year college with approval).

  • When applying for a scholarship for undergraduate courses at a four-year college, applicants are required to indicate the 1) course number, 2) course title, 3) course description, and 4) comparable community college course.

How to Apply: Students interested in the scholarship should submit an online application during the open application period for the upcoming semester. Applicants are encouraged to apply early in the application period since funding may be limited.

  • Students may apply for scholarships each semester until they have reached their maximum lifetime amount.
  • Scholarships cannot be transferred from one semester to another or from one student to another.

When to Apply: Scholarship applications are accepted for fall, spring, and summer academic terms. It is best if a student registers for the course at the community college (or other approved institution of higher learning) PRIOR to applying for scholarship funds to be sure the course is offered during the applicable semester.

Annual scholarship application periods are:

  • FALL Semester Courses June 15 for approximately five (5) weeks
  • SPRING Semester Courses October 15 for approximately six (6) weeks
  • SUMMER Semester Courses March 15 for approximately four (4) weeks

NOTE: Application periods may close early if funds are no longer available for an academic semester or if colleges are beginning to drop students for non-payment on college accounts.

Course Enrollment: Recipients of scholarships are responsible for registering for courses at a participating college and providing their Scholarship Award Letter to the school’s business office. If the award letter is not provided to the college, the business/finance office may not properly apply the scholarship award to the student’s account.

Drop/Change Courses:

  • If a student is awarded a scholarship and educational plans change, they need to drop or change the college course during the college’s add/drop timeframe to avoid a financial penalty.
  • Students also need to make the change in their online VCCPSP Scholarship Account. Alternatively, students may submit a completed Scholarship Change/Drop Request Form by email.

Verification of Enrollment: After each open application period, VCCPSP will communicate with each college to verify that students awarded scholarships are enrolled and, therefore, eligible for VCCPSP funding.

Payment of Scholarship Awards: VCCPSP will pay the college or university directly; VCCPSP does not pay or reimburse students.

Course Grades: When students receive a scholarship, they agree to provide an unofficial transcript to VCCPSP to verify final course grades OR to allow the college to release the final grade for all courses paid with VCCPSP funds.

  • Students may submit an unofficial transcript (via email) to VCCPSP when final grades are posted OR they may complete the Authorization to Release Grades Form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office at their college.
  • Students are expected to earn a passing grade for all courses for which they have been awarded a VCCPSP scholarship.

Ineligibility for VCCPSP:

  • If a student does not report grades for completed courses, eligibility for additional VCCPSP awards will be conditional until grades are received.
  • Students receiving a failing grade (F) or W for a course or those who enroll but do not complete a course will no longer be eligible for VCCPSP awards.

If you have questions or need more information about the VCCPSP, please email us at:

VCCPSP is funded by the federal Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF), which is administered by VDOE. CCDF provides financial resources to improve the quality of early care and education in Virginia. The scholarship program is managed in alignment with Virginia Administrative Code.